Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why do we like listening to music?

I haven't gotten my ipod out of my desk for about six months. I have watched it collect dust. I don't know where the headphones are I haven't even thought about it until recently. Why? Well one I tried to put it into a different computer an switch my itunes library and it messed up and would'nt work and I was too lazy to figure it out. A second reason is I had lame songs on my ipod and whenever I went to a computer to buy new songs I would have a brain fart and couldn't think of what to buy until I was like out shopping or something. (This disorder is quite annoying) andyway the other day I decided to change that. I got my sisters ipod hooked it up and downloaded all of her songs onto my ipod and now my ipod is fully charged and has cool songs onto it. I now bring my ipod everywhere listening to songs that I like and dancing to myself and it got me thinking. For me whenever I hear a song I like I just get this feeling, that goes throughout my whole body like I'm not in my world I am living in some other magical place that is happy and I am just alone and there is no school, no drama, no worrying about college and it just makes me happy. Why is this? I figured it out, songs let you be in a different place then where you are. They express feelings that you are scared to speak of out loud, they get down to the deepest parts of you that you didn't even know you had. I like finding songs that describe the mood I am in or that make me feel better about something. Taylor Swift is really good at finding songs like this. For instance, (don't think I am an annoying 16 year old girl when I say this) but when my boyfriend broke up with me (this is so cliche I know lol) I listened to the song Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (sp?) and I would sit there listening to this song thinking, this is exactly how I feel!!! This is my life...and I would sit there and mope and feel sorry for myself.

As life went on and I realized some important things...haha I won't go into detail I began listening to other songs that expressed my other feelings like

I Look So Good Without You by Jessie James

I think this one speaks for itself haha. But you see that these songs helped me through tough times, they expressed how I felt and helped me cope with my feelings. Also I like songs that get me in a peppy upbeat mood for when I am hanging out with my friends. My friends and my favorite songs to party out to are In My Head by Jason Drewlow I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas and I'm On a Boat. Some songs are funny and just make you laugh like I'm Awesome. I heard this song and I knew it was one of my favorites.

I'm Awesome Spose

My friends and I have many songs that we like listening to together or we used to and when they come on the radio we will look at each other and smile or I will think about them and the good times we had listening to that song. You see music can be used in many ways, it isn't just trashy noise that annoys my mother in the car haha. They help people connect, they helps you cope with feelings, they explain your life and bottom line it is just fun listening to them and getting away from your crazy life once in a while :)


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