Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Christian Terrorism

Every Tuesday my church has a free lunch that Kennedy students can eat. I love going there because it is a good break from school walking over to church on nice sunny days talking to my pastor and eating delicious food with my friends. Recently they would have little question cards on the table with questions like; "What was your favorite Christmas?" or "Why do you think God made so many different species of beatles?", this week the question was..."There have been a lot of stories about Christian terrorists in the paper lately, can a Christian be a terrorist? Can an Islam be a terrorist?" I started thinking about that question. My answer was no I don't think you can call yourself a Christian and a terrorist, you are either a Christian or a terrorist. You can be a terrorist while practicing the religion of Christianity but everything that terrorism is goes against everything Christianity and Islam is. In the bible and the Quran (sp?) there is talk about peace and loving one another, not fighting at all costs to get your point across. I don't think Jesus or Muhammed would approve of their religion being associated with such terrible things like shootings, suicide bombings and overall violence. I think that the media should stop associating terrorism with religion because the two are not combined into one. They should just keep the term terrorist as one universal term that is used to describe a person inflicting violence or terror on people or buildings and then when they are reporting about it they can say it was because they wanted to defend their religion which happens to be Christianity or something like that. As a Christian I find it offensvie that they are using this term because it is bringing a bad name to us as people and I personally don't agree with any form of terrorism, I am a Christian but I am nothing at all like or I do not agree with Christian terrorism at all, yet they claim to be the same religion as me. I didn't really give this much thought before when they would talk about Islamic terrorists but now I see how hurtful this term is, I didn't realize it but I would associate terrorism with Islam and that isn't how it should be. They should not be called Islamic terrorists, they should simply be called terrorists, because according to Islam you can't be a terrorist and be Islam.

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