Sunday, March 21, 2010

Possibility Alliance

In less than three hours I will be heading to Missouri with my church. We will be going to the Possibility Alliance for the third year in a row and I am super duper excited!! If only I can get these blog posts finished before I leave!!! Ugh haha. The Possibility Alliance is an organization that is dedicated to reducing their impact on the earth by reducing their carbon footprint. Some ways they do this is by not using petroleum (plastic) they don't drive, they ride bikes everywhere, they don't have electricity or indor plumbing and they grow their own food and only eat organic foods. They also have some animals like goats, and chickens that they use for food. What we do when we go there is help them out wherever needed. We help them on their farm do little things and sometimes we go into the nearby town and help at local charities. Last year and the year before that we helped restore an old community theatre and the year before that we helped at a donation place kinda like a salvation army that was run by a lady called "Grandma" to everyone in the town. This year we are going to be staying there Sunday to Thursday. I am really excited because I am the only one that will have been there all three years :) I will write more about what we did this year on my blog when I get back :)


The Box

Last night I was bored out of my mind. So I rented a movie with my sister. I wanted to see the Fourth Kind but they were all out at Family Video so my sister and I rented The Box. I had seen commercials for it and it looked okay so I thought I would give it a try. What was in store for me I would not have ever known. That move was the most confusing complicated creepy movie I have seen in a long time! You would think it would have been a simple plot line, the lady pushes the button a person dies woopdey doo. But the kicker was it didnt just end there. Yes as you have figured out the woman pushed the button and someone DID die. It was the woman before her that had the button before. The man that gave her the button in the first place was not a man at all but well I dont really know what he was but he was struck by lightning, died, and somehow came back to life. The whole time he was very mysterious about his employees and his employer but what I got from it was that the whole button pressing thing was a test of ones humanity. If you pressed the button yeah you got one million dollars but ultimately you were responsible for the death of another human being. Sure you didnt know them but did that really matter? In the end somebody else got the button and was responsible for another death, who died you will have to watch and find out!!!! It was a really good movie but I think I will have tow watch it a couple more times to really understand it all. So if you are bored this spring break go ahead run on down to the movie store and pick it up!!! It has the guy from Enchanted in it I think :) the prince haha I think he is cute :) Also it has Cameran Diez in it so overall it is a good buy!!! I rate it 4 stars **** :)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break

YAY! It's finally here :) Spring break! What we have been waiting for, for forever!!! Well okay just since Winter break haha. Spring break is not only a fun time to hang out with friends or catch a super cool movie it is a great time to catch up on sleep and relax and rejuvinate for the upcoming trimester and a great way to relax before you have to finish out the year. Breaks I feel are very important for students not only to hang out with friends and party but it gives them a chance to relax and rejuvinate. It lets them do whatever they want so they can go back to school reeling refreshed and new. I feel that breaks are good for students because they need that extra time off of school. We cant be forced to work and work and work and produce the same great results that we did at the beginning of the year, it just isn't realistic. I feel that that is a reason why we shouldnt have homework over spring break. The definition of break is to stop what you are doing and relax! (According to me anyway) and that does not include working on homework. We are given breaks to actually take breaks they are not built in extra times to work on more homework. That is the philosophy some teachers have they look at breaks like they can give us MORE work because we have MORE time to work on the work and do it but this is not fair. We need the breaks not "work time" teachers shouldnt assign anything over spring break. That is what school after spring break is for to work on that. Our spring break should be filled with nothing but fun and good times we as students deserve it. Since the beginning of the year we have worked our butts off with hard work and homework and tests and we need this one week of relaxation so we can work even harder and do even better to finish out the end of the year strong.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tennis Season

Monday was the official start of womens tennis 2010. I had an ACT class to go to so my first practice was yesterday...which didn't really help me that much because we started challenges yesterday so it was the first time on the courts for that year and I had warmed up for about 15 minutes. Nonetheless I actually didn't do that bad, I didn't win the challenge but for most of the games we got to a deuce and she won by one point. This morning i realized how out of shape I am. My legs were very sore and my shoulders hurt like no other. I need to remember to stretch and warm up before I played. I also need to remember to practice outside of practice so
I can get back into the swing of things. This year it is my goal to win more than half of my matches. Last year I don't remember how many I won because halfway through I switched partners. I like tennis because it is one of those sports that isn't that time consuming, it isn't too physically involving, it isn't too extrememly competitive unless you are really good and you have to depend on you, not your team to win. I am not that good at tennis but when I go to practice I don't feel like the underdog, of course i don't feel half as good as the varsity players but I feel as if there is an overall sense of comrodery and everyone on the team wants everyone to do good so they all just encourage each other and help them out whenever necessary. I do tennis because it is a fun way to get out in the newly spring weather from winter and get some exercise. I don't do anything else in the spring so this is a good activity for me to do. It is fun and the weather is usually really nice out. Our tennis team is usually really good and we are all expecting another great year!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Communication of Today

Text Message from: Best friend
Hi Hi. Hi... Hi! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi :) Heyyyyyy Hey :D Hey. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello. helloooooo howdy!!!!!
With todays communication and different technologies communicating between people has become faster than ever. With email, facebook, text message etc. people are literally a finger tap away. A downside to this is that it has also made communicating less personal than ever too. It has also made things easily misinterpreted which can not only bring people closer together but create a communication gap as well. Email, facebook, and text messaging has also hurt the postal system aswell. Also, these new forms of communmcations has lead to problems in the school. Students are texting and calling before, during, and after class. These problems have lead schools to band cell phones during school time. In addition, cities have band texting while driving. There have been mutliple car accidents ending in fatalities due to texting while driving. However, these new forms of communication alow you to easily keep in touch with one another. When my cousin found out his lead in his college show, he was able to text right away. Also, I am able to inform my mother that I will late for dinner, when it is inconvient for me to call her. So you decide, has texting hurt communication and society or has it allowed people to reconnect.
Here is my Carissa texting dictionary
;)-winky face
:)-smiley face
:p-toungue sticky outty face
lol-laugh out loud
lmao-laugh my ass off
rofl-roll on the floor laughing
brb-be right back
ily-i love you
omg-oh my god!


Friends :)

Friends. We all have them. No matter who you are you have at least one friend. (Nobody is a complete loner in this world except for Alan from the Hangover). Friends are the cement of life that holds everything together. Friends are those that you can go to for help, for advice, through good times, and the bad times. When things are great or when things are tough. No matter what friends are going to be ther for you through thick or thin. There are all sorts of friends. Friends that you can tell anything to, friends you share the deepest darkest secrets with, friends you know for a fact will be there for you no matter what, friends who you argue with like an old married couple, those awkward friends that you sometimes talk to but don't all the time so you don't know if you should say hi to them in the hall or not....(or is that just me? lol) friends that you know will stick up for you even when others won't, friends that you share strong memories with, friends that are your partner in crime, friends that love you unconditionally, and friends that just make you happier when you get the chance to talk to them. Without friends highschool would have been hell for me. I have learned that true friends no matter what will always be able to make you feel better. The thing is this year I have learned a valuable lesson about friends and friendship that I will carry with me forever. This year I have found out that not all "friends" are your true friends. I have also learned that losing a friend is a tough thing to do but makes you a stronger person in the end. I learned the difference between "friend" and "true friend". A friend will tell you everything is going to be okay. A true friend will hug you until you stop crying. A friend will assure you your hair looks fine. A true friend will say , "No that looks crappy" and help you fix it. A friend will say hi to you in the hallway, a true friend will come up to you and give you a big hug in the hallway. A friend will say they missed you when they are gone. A true friend will text you every single day they are gone saying how much they miss you and can't wait to hang out with you again. A friend will talk to you. A true friend will listen to you. A friend will agree with you but a true friend will tell you when you are in the wrong. It is plain and simple friend will fade...they will graduate and you will maybe just remember them as an image, a memory that didnt make that much a difference to you but a true friend will shape who you are as a person and make you all the more better.


Dissection; An Ethical Dilemma...

So last night I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that my two best friends and me and my best friend were dissecting a fetal pig and a pregnant cat. We were cutting into them and peeling their skin back, it was an overall disgusting image and I woke up with a jolt. Great. I was having nightmares. I knew this would happen eventually. You see me and my friend are dissecting a pregnant cat in AP Biology. Last year I dissected a frog but we were obligated to. Or more we were required to. This year we got to choose our specimens and that is where my nightmares are coming from. My friend wants to be a doctor when she grows up and so she thought it would be cool to do a pregnant cat to see inside it and what not. Our teacher informed us that once we placed our orders these animals would be killed specifically for this reason and that is where I was wondering whether or not this was right. I mean this was'nt probably somebody's pet cat that was just taken out of their home but it was most likely a stray or one that was raised specifically for this reason but still. Was killing a cat for the purpose of learning ethically right? This is the question on my mind. That was a living human creature but it wasn't like it was a human but still where do you draw the line from oh it isn't a human to it is okay to kill it? Not only are we killing one cat but four cats because it is pregnant. So I feel that the answer to this question is up to you to decide and what you feel is right or wrong.


Spring :)

So finally, the snow has melted, the birds are singing and Spring is finally on it's way!!! All the spring sports are starting and you can walk outside without a coat on!! Heaven on earth :) This is my favorite time of the year. The transition between winter and spring when everything is melting and things are changing when it seems like everything is just standing still and nothing bad can happen. The only downside to spring is that it means you are just that much closer to AP exams and the end of the year which means teachers are going to pile on the homework and make you work that much harder. A good thing is there is always spring break :) But after spring break you don't have anything else until the end of the year......sigh pros and cons of everything! Another thing that makes this spring sad for me is that next year I will only have one more left before I go to college. Which is extrememly depressing. Oh well I still love spring and getting to go outdoors and do stuff outside. My favorite time of the year :)