Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tennis Season

Monday was the official start of womens tennis 2010. I had an ACT class to go to so my first practice was yesterday...which didn't really help me that much because we started challenges yesterday so it was the first time on the courts for that year and I had warmed up for about 15 minutes. Nonetheless I actually didn't do that bad, I didn't win the challenge but for most of the games we got to a deuce and she won by one point. This morning i realized how out of shape I am. My legs were very sore and my shoulders hurt like no other. I need to remember to stretch and warm up before I played. I also need to remember to practice outside of practice so
I can get back into the swing of things. This year it is my goal to win more than half of my matches. Last year I don't remember how many I won because halfway through I switched partners. I like tennis because it is one of those sports that isn't that time consuming, it isn't too physically involving, it isn't too extrememly competitive unless you are really good and you have to depend on you, not your team to win. I am not that good at tennis but when I go to practice I don't feel like the underdog, of course i don't feel half as good as the varsity players but I feel as if there is an overall sense of comrodery and everyone on the team wants everyone to do good so they all just encourage each other and help them out whenever necessary. I do tennis because it is a fun way to get out in the newly spring weather from winter and get some exercise. I don't do anything else in the spring so this is a good activity for me to do. It is fun and the weather is usually really nice out. Our tennis team is usually really good and we are all expecting another great year!


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