Sunday, March 14, 2010

Communication of Today

Text Message from: Best friend
Hi Hi. Hi... Hi! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi :) Heyyyyyy Hey :D Hey. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello. helloooooo howdy!!!!!
With todays communication and different technologies communicating between people has become faster than ever. With email, facebook, text message etc. people are literally a finger tap away. A downside to this is that it has also made communicating less personal than ever too. It has also made things easily misinterpreted which can not only bring people closer together but create a communication gap as well. Email, facebook, and text messaging has also hurt the postal system aswell. Also, these new forms of communmcations has lead to problems in the school. Students are texting and calling before, during, and after class. These problems have lead schools to band cell phones during school time. In addition, cities have band texting while driving. There have been mutliple car accidents ending in fatalities due to texting while driving. However, these new forms of communication alow you to easily keep in touch with one another. When my cousin found out his lead in his college show, he was able to text right away. Also, I am able to inform my mother that I will late for dinner, when it is inconvient for me to call her. So you decide, has texting hurt communication and society or has it allowed people to reconnect.
Here is my Carissa texting dictionary
;)-winky face
:)-smiley face
:p-toungue sticky outty face
lol-laugh out loud
lmao-laugh my ass off
rofl-roll on the floor laughing
brb-be right back
ily-i love you
omg-oh my god!


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