Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today Ms. F informed us we were not aloud to sit in the band hallway to eat lunch anymore because it was getting littered and messy and people were just plain not taking care of it and abusing their priveleges. Now aside from the fact that I know me and many other kids would go out of their way to pick up trash in the hallway BECAUSE of the fact that we knew it was a privelege I was upset by this. This is where me and "my group" of friends would go to get away from the loud roaring noises and crowd of the lunch room. We started going there at the beginning of the year so we always had a spot there. Now because some people choose not to take care of what they have we had to get thrown into the mess and confusion of what is referred to as the lunch room. I wasnt too worried but once I got in line and got my food I stepped out of the line and felt like a scared little freshman again. I felt like a loser I think I stood there for 5 minutes just looking for a spot to sit! Finally I found my friends sitting at a table so I went to sit by them but there was no room left so I had to share a seat with my friend Hailee. Haha yeah we are cool we cant even find our own spots! What does this tell me? We get so used to routine and our set group of friends that when put in a situation we cant adjust to the different surroundings. We get so used to our cliques that we can adjust and morph in and out of different clique groups. Most of the kids that ate in the band hall were band kids. And Im not going to lie when we went into the cafeteria there was a table full of band kids. And which table did I want to gravitate towards? Yes the "Band Table". The stories they say about the cliques at school are pretty much true. We all have our defined groups we feel most comfortable in but I think there is one thing that isnt true. They say that these cliques dont let anyone in their groups but I think the real problem is ourselves. We dont venture out to different people. We like our nice little safe bubble of people. So I challenge you, tomorrow sit at a different table, sit with someone you normally wouldnt. Who knows what will happen?!? :D


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indoor Marching Band Classic

The official final, end of the 2009 Marching Band Season. Usually I wouldnt look forward to something like this, its just a performance, we dont compete and its on a Monday night when all I want to do is go home and sleep! But what I do like about these performances is that we get to watch either the Iowa State or the Iowa marching bands play some of their songs for us. THis is really cool because the performance is complete with dance team members, cheerleaders, and a baton twirler! They are really good at both marching and playing and it just makes me want to be all that better. Considering that we had to condense our show about 10 yards and the floor was really slippery and there was no traction and the whole place echoed I would say we did really well for our last performance. Although not exactly the most exciting show or competition surely a good one to end the season with. So we hang up our uniforms for another year, clean up the shoes, store the plumes and count down the days until band camp! (Yes I did actually just say that. I know, Im a geek :) A Kennedy Marching Band Geek!!!!!!)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

All State Auditions 2009

I woke up that morning with a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was the day of All State audtitions. Althought I knew I was only trying out to better my flute playing skills and it didnt really matter to me if I got in or not just the thought of going into a room and playing for a judge gave me the creeps. I hate auditions they make me so nervous so I was surprised to see when I got in there my nerves went right away and I actually played really well. It was a great experience and I might do it again next year. Most importantly it got me ready for school auditions for chairs for concert band and it helped me improve my skills.


Drama Drama Drama!

What do you think of when you think High School? One of the top things is DRAMA! Not so much among boys I assume but a lot among girls. There is ALWAYS something happening that is the center of attention. Susy said this about Sally. Kristen is flirting with Morgans boyfriend. Sarah bought the same pair of shoes that Jessica had first. I find this all completely stupid and a major waste of time. This has been a horrible week for me because of drama. And I got to realize why is it so horrible? Some of my friends thought I was doing something that I was most definitely not. Or I felt I wasnt. When my friend confronted me about it I was really thrown for a loop. I couldnt eat or sleep or concentrate on anything because I thought my friend was mad at me. When I told the friend that called me that I didnt want to talk to the other girl about this problem to avoid drama but she could call me if she was upset I didnt hear anything back from her. But then I found out my friend was extrememly upset with me. I was devastated. The whole week everything I think about, everything I do is based off of this situation. It is controlling my life. They might not think that what they said was that big of a deal or the fact that they are mad at me is a big deal but to me my friends and family are everything. Without them I would be lost. Even if I am not as close of friends with some of my friends than others I still am just as devastated when something comes between us. This whole week this situation I am in has been like a puppet master and I am the little marionette just dancing to its whim. It has been eating away at me like a crow picks at a dead raccoon carcus. Why? Why is this so important to me that it makes me feel this bad? I know I shouldnt get this upset about rumors or what people think about me but it really does get to me. I am trying to stop that about myself. What does get to me is when friends are mad at me. I know that usually my friends will get over it in a day or so but just the thought of losing a friend for good scared the crap out of me. Everytime a friend doesnt talk to me I cant help but wonder, what if this friend never speaks to me again. What if this is it and I never get to see her again and things never go back to the way they were. Sometimes you have to just let things cool over and simmer for a while until they go back to normal. I have found that if you just leave something be and dont continue to annoy it and agitate it most things resolve themselves. Why do girls feel the need to create such drama in the first place? Are we so bored with our lives that we have nothing better to do than just bring up stupid things to fight and nit pick about. Some of the things I have fought with my friends about has been really dumb let me tell you. I am by no means an angelic child who never causes drama of her own let me tell you that but after this event that happened to me this week I have made a goal to cause as little drama as possible. I want to have fun my highschool year that includes not losing any friends over stupid problems. I know that just because I will try not to cause drama drama wont start around me. It will and I understand that but I am going to try my best to ignore it and move on. Because if you think about it really what is so important that is going to change our lives in highschool? Non of the drama really matters when you dig down deep to the center of it. Thats why I am choosing to ignore drama and steer clear of it. I understand that this is harder than it sounds and I realize it is going to take a tough skin to do but I think in the end it will make me a better person. I hope my friends can see the light in this new way of life too. So lets hear it for a drama free year! (Hopefully;D)


Slow Down and Smell the Roses :)

So Halloween is just around the corner and that means trick or treaters, watching scary movies in the darkness of the basement, carving pumpkins and going to haunted houses. The fall is a lovely time of the year and I always loved going out and trick or treating as a child for Halloween. Halloween is one of those holidays that people arent obligated to celebrate for their religion but it is a fun way to get away with the stress of everyday life. My family always makes it a tradition to go out and get pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. It is always fun for me because it is a long drive out in the countryside so you get to see all the trees changing color and it is really beautiful. It is also a good time for some good old (pardon my cheesiness) family bonding. I think it is important for families to have designated time just for them. In a world of texting, emailing, boyfriends, sleepovers, homework and work galore it is always good to slow down and enjoy things. The only thing I could think of this morning was waking up and getting all of my homework done. To be honest I was hoping we would forget about the pumpkin patch. But we went out for breakfast and once we got there I was expecting to chill my butt off but I got out of the car and it was actually pretty nice weather out today. I got to take a look at all the beautiful trees and all their pretty colors and I found some cats that were really cute to take pictures of. I even forgot for a moment about all the work I had to do, my audition in band the next week, and my math quiz I have on Wednesday. I think I take my family for granted sometimes. Lots of people dont have it as good as I do. A mother and father who arent divorced a little sister who looks up to me. Even people who dont have the perfect family its never too late to start talking. Sometime just take a little time to get to know each other. You may have lived under the same roof with them for your whole life but you never really know them quite as well until you have watched a movie, played Taboo, or gone to get pumpkins with them.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playtime Poppy

Playtime Poppy auditions were Wednesday. We had to do a couple of scenes from the play and sing a song. The show this year is A Year with Frog and Toad. It is a musical and it should be really fun :) The cast list went up on Friday and I got the role of Lizard. Although I dont know what that role entitles quite yet I am very excited to start in on the rehearsals. We start rehearsal on Monday. There is a cast of about 20 people total. So come to see it! I will put up details later :)

Haunted Police Station!

So me and my friends decided to get in the halloween spirit and go to the Haunted Police Station this weekend. We had a great time, jumping at gargoyles and getting chased by masked men with chainsaws. It got me thinking though, what is so thrilling about being terrified? Why do people deliberately rent horror movies, go to frightmare forest and haunted houses, go on scary rides just to get the living day lights scared out of them? To me it is the thrill of it. The rush of adrenaline you get when you know that that dummy in the corner is real and is going to pop out at you and yet you still scream bloody murder when he does. Its just something about not knowing what is going to happen, that feeling of being out of control that gets your heart rate going. Im not one to take big risks, i have never been sky diving or bungee jumping. I have never wrestled a bear or performed a dangerous stunt. So when I get the chance to take little risks like renting a scary movie or go to a scary place I take it. I used to hate rollercoasters, and pretty much every other kind of thrill ride that you can find at amusement parks but I found a quote that really hits home with me. The biggest risk in life is not taking any at all. I want to look back on my life and remember doing crazy things and I want to be able to tell my grandchildren, yeah I really did that :) Now I know renting prom night and watching it in the dark on a Friday night with my friends isnt really what you would call a big risk but for me its a start. There are parts of a movie that I would want to turn away and not watch but I would force myself to look just to push myself to the limits, see if I could do it. At the haunted police station I started out in the back and after a while nobody wanted to go through a black curtain first so I took the lead and lead them through a couple of rooms. I was really proud of myself for that too. I know this probably sounds stupid and childish but they are baby steps and they are just fun to do with friends. So next time you are at a movie store or are trying to think of something to do think about renting a horror film or going to the haunted police station :) Challenge yourself take risks, see what you are capable of. You never know you might surprise yourself!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye Marching Band :(

So this weekend the Marching Band was supposed to go to Ankeny, but this little thing called germs came to attack our band. On average 20 people were sick each day from Wednesday through Friday. That is a lot in a band of 120. We looked and sounded much smaller let alone two people from the drumline were gone. This isnt good because most of the time the drumline keeps us together and keeps the tempo set. The whole week there was murmurs of what was going to happen over the weekend. Would people get better? Would we even be able to go to Ankeny? Then the news came to hit us. Ms. F told us that Dr. W was wondering if it was even worth it to travel to Ankeny on a bus filled with sick people when our band was 1/5 smaller. She told us to give her our opinions so she could tell Dr. W. So everybody I knew told her they wanted to go. They wanted to have their last band competition, they wanted to finish the season like we were supposed to. But in my sixth hour class I recieved the bad news that the band would not be traveling to Ankeny the next Saturday. I know that me and many of my friends were devastated by this news. Call us geeks but we live for these competitions. They are fun and we create so many good memories :) But it was canceled. We were all pretty mad about this but when Ms. F told us why she had canceled it we all understood no matter how much we didnt want to. My philosophy was at least we still had the football game that night. We went there and were all pretty pumped because it was senior night. We warmed up and you could tell, we wanted our last performance although it wasnt what we were anticipating we wanted it to be a good one. We went out there and played our hearts out. We came back and Ms. F told us that she knew we wanted to end on a high note. "I think you guys did end on a high note." She told us. And with tear filled eyes she revealed, "I have never been more proud to work with such a fine group of people." It was our last marching band performance (besides the indoor marching band classic). We all performed to the best of our ability, the best that we could and I think we did good. So another marching band season goes down in the books, another season of hard work, lots of long practices but great memories :) Cant wait for next year ;)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Possibly the 4 Funniest Videos Ever :D

Funny kid on Rollercoaster :D
So my friends and I were studying for a big Ap World History test and of course we got off subject like usual. So what do we do? What else we hop on facebook and youtube for some good old procrastinating fun :) We just happened to come upon this video that made us all pee our pants practically. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It is now a tradition of ours to watch it everytime we study for a major test. All I can say is Janice, Janice this hurts! haha

Hilarious Korean Karaoke Girls
So my computers screen saver is just random videos of funny things and this came up one day and I thought it was hilarious haha. These girls are so wierd with their funny dance movies and outrageous personalities. If only I knew what they were singing....

Baby laughing and baby dancing to Single Ladies by Beyonce
I love videos about babies. They are so adorable. In these videos the baby is laughing over his dad ripping paper. Its so cute and adorable haha. The other one is a baby dancing to Single Ladies. Its hilarious.

Hope these put a smile on your face for the day :) They sure lit my dark days up!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Valley Marching Band Competition...yeah the big one

Over the weekend the Marching band competed at State at Kingston and the Valley Competition in West Des Moines Valley. We marched at Kingston and got a division one rating which was the top rating. We did good but we didnt pull out quite everything we had. Our director Mr. B said "You have to go for it. Take risks dont play it safe." And that is what I intended to do. So we had a very fun filled bus ride on the way there filled with a marathon of mafia games and truth or dare sessions we might as well have just done dare or dare because thats all we did lol. Anyway we got down there and the energy and tension was high. It was cold but our energy was keeping us warm. I wasnt concentrated on the coldness I was just concentrated on giving it my all and doing my best. Valley is a really big deal. I think it is safe to say it is our biggest competition. So we all went out and from my stand point marched our hearts out. Ms. F gave us some positive feedback. You did well, just a little bit of tearing at the beginning but nothing major. But it was her last comment that made me a little scared. We will just have to see how it shows up in the rankings. When it all came down to it Kennedy got tenth place out of twelve. Jefferson got ninth, Washington got seventh and Sioux Falls got first. I think it is safe to say there was a wave of dissapointment that floated around the whole band. Last year we got seventh and we were all kind of expecting to beat Washington. So my question, what did we do wrong? Were we just really that bad? How could we do so horrible. There is something different about our attitude this year, I cant place my finger on it but other people have commented on it too. What is up with the Kennedy Marching Band? Where did our spirit go?


Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Favorite Songs for this current moment in my life (they change all the time)

Everytime these songs come onto the radio or me and my friends are in the car and are in the partying mood I light up inside. All of my worries, anxieties about the week before seem to melt away as these songs fill the air. Lately I have really gotten into the techno dance party type of music. You know the Lady GaGa, Cobra Starship, Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, Sean Paul, and 3OH!3. I know a lot of people would argue with me and say that it isnt real music, there are no real instruments being played and I know and agree with that. I do enjoy the traditional music too of Taylor Swift and her acoustic guitar but for some reason these songs just get to me. My top songs of the day...

Good Girls Gone Bad by Cobra Starship

This song has a catchy beat and really catchy lyrics. It is the type of song you can bust out to at a party.

I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas

This song is special for me because it is my group of friends theme song pretty much. I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good night. I like the lyrics too because even though it is talking about partying and having a good night it reminds me to have a good time in highschool and to make a lot of good memories.

Dont Trust Me 3OH!3

This is yet another catchy beat, catchy song, catchy everything and I love it!!!!!! I am pretty sure this isnt the real music video but it was the only one i could find with embedding.

She Wolf Shakira

I have no idea what this song means but I like it. Shakira has a voice that is really different from other singers and it is really interesting and thats why I like it haha

Now these two songs are totally different from the first four but are absolutely amazing in their own ways and I totally love them too and I will tell you why.

You Belong With Me Taylor Swift

I love this song so much. Taylor Swift I think is the most talented young singer in hollywood. She actually has true talent and doesnt need to enhance her voice with technology and electronics. She came from nothing and is now EVERYTHING. She is americas sweetheart. From what I can tell she actually is a nice girl and not just putting on a show for tabloids. I have read nothing negative about her at all. This music video is amazing too. All of her songs actually tell a story and are deep and true and she even writes some of them. I love this music video too. I think all of her music videos are cute. She has a lot of good songs and a lot of good music videos this is just the one I am currently hooked on.

This last song can kinda go with the techno up at the top but it is kind of a different slow type of techno.

Fireflies Owl City

This is such a cute song. Once you listen to it you would be so surprised at how often you catch yourself singing it. This is kind of the song that really put Owl City on the charts but it is definitely not their only good song. All of their songs are kind of the same style and they are all beautifully written and are really good songs.

So there you have it. Some of Mildred's favorite songs of the day. You probably didnt care that I am in love with these songs but I hope I have shown you some new songs that you might enjoy as much as me and my friends do. On bad days when I am feling stressed out these songs bring a smile to my face so I hope they do for you too!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

ITED week

So its ITED week next week. That dreaded week we all hate. I have to say ITED's really stress me out even when they arent tests that we study for. With all the pressure from Dr. W about how these tests are the ones that count our junior year and that its pretty much up to us if our school gets funding from the government next year its crazy! Im so concerned about going to bed early and eating a good breakfast on those mornings and everything but what I hate is the teachers that have the nerve to give us tests and bundles of homework on those weeks! Its like hello!? We dont really have the time to study can't you be a little bit human and give us a break for one week. I have not one but two tests to study for next week not to mention homework, clubs, and marching band practices. I think if they are putting so much pressure on us to do well on these tests and actually WANT us to do well on these tests then they should have a better policy about other class work. Cause right now I am not looking forward to next week at all and its not my fault if i get a worse score on my ITED's this year than last year because I am up late studying for a bio or french test and didnt get to bed early.


Marchin' in the Rain, I'm Marcin' in the rain!

So this weekend for marching band we had the five seasons marching competition at Kingston. For this one we werent being judged but we were exhibition which meant we had judges critique us but we didnt get a trophy or anything. We also got to perform with the middle schoolers for the Olympic fanfare, America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner. We got up at ten to go to Kennedy and practice and let me tell you, it was a cold one. The skies were cloudy and gray and it was raining off and on, all in all not a great day for a outdoor band competition. That certainly didnt stop anyone from going out and giving it their all though! We went out played with the middle schoolers and performed and when we got back we werent given too great of comments from Mr. Bird. His overall issue, "You have to give me more than that." and "I know for a fact not all of you were giving it your 100% best." Which I feel is definitely true. Most of the attitudes of people were, it wasnt judged, its cold, its rainy we just want to get this over with and go home. Which I have to admit guiltily that was me. I was tired and it was raining and
I really just didnt want to be there. Usually I am in it one hundred percent no matter what type of show it is but that day I was just not in it. I think that is something we need to fix about our band. The morale. Lately I have heard nothing but complaining. Everybody says oh I want to be good! I want to beat Wash but then when the section leaders call for a sectional all we hear is "How long will this take?" "Why do we have to be here." "This is dumb." Fine then if that is the way you are going to act we dont need to have a sectional and we will just go and suck at the competitions because if you guys arent willing to put in the effort then there is no point in even going to the competitions. My advice, if you dont want to be in band, then dont be in band, cause we are better off without you. Plain and simple no matter how harsh it may sound.


Friday, October 2, 2009

I love you, your perfect, now change.....I laughed until I cried

So I went to the musical tonight. It was entitled I love you your perfect now change. It was about relationships and it went through all the different phases of relationships from that awkward first date, to the proposal, to marriage day, to first baby, to growing old and dying together. The whole way it was set up was really interesting I thought too. It didnt have a specific plot with a beginning, middle, and end. Instead the actors and actresses actually played many different characters in the entire play and the whole play was broken up into small skits and songs. This musical was sooo good I dont even know where to begin so I will go through all of the highlights of it starting with the beginning of the entire show.

The first song was less than memorable considering I dont really remember much of it except for that it was a very catchy way to start off a show. I mean dont get me wrong it was alright but I wasnt expecting much from the musical stand point of the show from just hearing that opening song. All the actors and actresses looked really good though and filled with high energy. Then the first skit came on and it was funny yes. It had a couple who were set up on a blind date and instead of going through the messy details of first second third dates, their first argument and their overall relationship they skipped right to the part where they had been broken up for two years and bumped into each other "bittersweetly". I found the song at the end of that skit quite comical and the harmonizing on both parts was great! Not that I know much about music except that I know when it sounds good! And that duet by Aubrey and Nick was really good. I think the next skit, a Stud and a Babe was by far my favorite out of all of them. Liz and Josh did a duet and the music was really up beat and fun, I might even go and try to find it on itunes later...anyway I have never seen Liz act before. I have seen Josh in many many of Kennedys theatre productions and knew that he was very talented and we were in for a treat but when Liz started talking in that annoying nasally voice I burst out laughing. She was a hit! She was so hysterical with that "dweebish" type character, she played it perfectly without going over the top. The "Single Man drought" song was like it says in the title, a bit of a drought compared to the rest of the show. I mean the acting was all decent and the singing was alright I think it was the overall script that ruined this one for me. It just wasnt as entertaining or funny or emotional as the other skits in the show. It did however shed light on a new member of the theatre cast at Kennedy Katie. She just moved here and in my opinion way to make an entrance! Not only did she have a great voice but her many different characters, (all except for the single man drought) kept me quite entertained. Immediately following Single Man Drought was why cause Im a Guy. Um...........................................................................................I dont know where to start with this one. Lets just go with this, Keenan and James come out and start stripping till they are down to just a wife beater. It was hilarious. Singing about belching, burping and farting, watching football games...why? Cuz they are guys! Me and my friend were laughing so hard at the end of that. They didnt have like set choreography for that but they did some little dance things such as thrusting the hips back and forth in a provacotive motion and showing off their guns it was funny from start to finish. Nick is a very versatile actor, he can make me feel really sad on the verge of crying in some skits and then make me laugh really hard in other which he did both in this musical. Tear Jerk was funny and honest. It showed the real feelings of men and women when it comes to things like picking the movie. Obviously this was more over the top and this is the general emotion of both genders but when Nick started jumping up and down in his seat it was hysterical (I cant think of any more good describing words for funny so I will be using this word alot in this post). This was the first time we really got to see Briana act and sing as well and she has a beautiful voice. I think Mr. Yuska cast her perfectly in this skit, it showed how good a sound she can produce and the song fit perfectly with her range of voice and style. The Lasagna Incident was so good! Katelyn is such a good actress! When she acted all awkward and wierded out I felt uncomfortable myself and started fidgeting in my seat. She nailed that part 100% and like the way she would say lines would make an otherwise not so funny line really comical. When she sang I Will Be Loved Tonight she was so good too! Like she got your attention right away with the emotion she put into her singing and never lost your attention. I knew she was a great singer from chorus line but this solo out of all the girl, slow song solos was my favorite. She is a double threat, she can act well and she sings well. Then there were two other skits and then another of my faves, the Scared Straight skit. All I have to say Lars + prison character = best combination ever! He came out and started talking in a really wierd voice and me and my friend I went with just lost it. I seriously started laughing so hard during this skit that I cried I couldnt stop. Lars was so comical, he always is when he is given a crazy character to play. The next skit that pops out to me is the Whatever Happened to Babys Parents. With Aubrey, Lars and Tanner. This skit was filled with lots of high energy and crazy out there situtations. Once again Lars was hilarious when he played an overly excited new Dad. This was one of the first times Tanner was really on the stage too and his facial expressions really put the icing on the cake for this one. This is when you can tell truely good acting, when they can have very little lines or non at all and still make you laugh by there body language and facial expressions and Tanner definitely has that ability! Now the song that followed this skit was...well...honestly it was "one of the wierdest things I have seen in my whole life." to quote my friend Hailee after witnessing it. It consisted of Lars singing about his baby while singing in baby language. Googooboogaboo I believe was in there with Wiggawiggapoodlypoo and boomboom. It was overall really strange but Lars sounded good :) Haha I thought the Family that Drives together was so realistic! It was funny because it was painfully true! When the Mom in the car turned around and said "No fighting!" Me and my friend looked at each other and said "Thats what my mom always says!" haha. It was also nice to see James dressed in emo type outfit with outrageous eyeliner on and in the middle of the song he screamed, "We're growing up in a disfunctional family!!!!" Yeah all around hilarious. The next song Shouldnt I Be Less in Love With You. O-------------------------------------------------------------------M----------------------------------------------------------------------G. BEST SONG EVER! I seriously got chills and COULD NOT LOOK AWAY THE WHOLE TIME. Nick did such an amazing job, it was filled with so much emotion and energy and that sounds totally cheesy but that is the truth! I want to bottle this song up and take it with me wherever I go. Nick did a great job with dynamics and everything. It was just too good to even describe in words, go see it for yourself. Then the last two skits were good too. Funerals are for dating with Keenan and Briana wasnt a funny way to end the show but really kind of made you look back ont he rest of the show and think about the overall meaning. The end skit was about two old-- I mean elderly people who kind of hook up at a funeral home. Cause lately that is where they spend most of their time. The guy asks the woman on a date and they both agree they are still in love with their late spouses but while they are still living they might as well live. It was really cute and sweet and sentimental and put everthing into perspective. And finally the finale, the last song. The last song I liked cuz all of the people came out in my favorite characters that they were and as always had a really high energy final song. The actual song I thought could have been better but Mr. Y didnt write it himself so Im not holding that against him. Overall as you can tell I absolutely adored this show and encourage EVERYBODY TO GO AND SEE IT! Throughout the show it filled me with all different kinds of emotions, it was hilarious, yet very emotional and heart wrenching at times, it had its fast fun songs and its beautiful slow songs and everything and anything in between. This show had it all! I thought Little Shop was going to be a hard one to top but now Im thinking this will be the hardest! But I know Mr. Y will find a way :)