Monday, October 12, 2009

Valley Marching Band Competition...yeah the big one

Over the weekend the Marching band competed at State at Kingston and the Valley Competition in West Des Moines Valley. We marched at Kingston and got a division one rating which was the top rating. We did good but we didnt pull out quite everything we had. Our director Mr. B said "You have to go for it. Take risks dont play it safe." And that is what I intended to do. So we had a very fun filled bus ride on the way there filled with a marathon of mafia games and truth or dare sessions we might as well have just done dare or dare because thats all we did lol. Anyway we got down there and the energy and tension was high. It was cold but our energy was keeping us warm. I wasnt concentrated on the coldness I was just concentrated on giving it my all and doing my best. Valley is a really big deal. I think it is safe to say it is our biggest competition. So we all went out and from my stand point marched our hearts out. Ms. F gave us some positive feedback. You did well, just a little bit of tearing at the beginning but nothing major. But it was her last comment that made me a little scared. We will just have to see how it shows up in the rankings. When it all came down to it Kennedy got tenth place out of twelve. Jefferson got ninth, Washington got seventh and Sioux Falls got first. I think it is safe to say there was a wave of dissapointment that floated around the whole band. Last year we got seventh and we were all kind of expecting to beat Washington. So my question, what did we do wrong? Were we just really that bad? How could we do so horrible. There is something different about our attitude this year, I cant place my finger on it but other people have commented on it too. What is up with the Kennedy Marching Band? Where did our spirit go?


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