Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Favorite Songs for this current moment in my life (they change all the time)

Everytime these songs come onto the radio or me and my friends are in the car and are in the partying mood I light up inside. All of my worries, anxieties about the week before seem to melt away as these songs fill the air. Lately I have really gotten into the techno dance party type of music. You know the Lady GaGa, Cobra Starship, Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, Sean Paul, and 3OH!3. I know a lot of people would argue with me and say that it isnt real music, there are no real instruments being played and I know and agree with that. I do enjoy the traditional music too of Taylor Swift and her acoustic guitar but for some reason these songs just get to me. My top songs of the day...

Good Girls Gone Bad by Cobra Starship

This song has a catchy beat and really catchy lyrics. It is the type of song you can bust out to at a party.

I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas

This song is special for me because it is my group of friends theme song pretty much. I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good night. I like the lyrics too because even though it is talking about partying and having a good night it reminds me to have a good time in highschool and to make a lot of good memories.

Dont Trust Me 3OH!3

This is yet another catchy beat, catchy song, catchy everything and I love it!!!!!! I am pretty sure this isnt the real music video but it was the only one i could find with embedding.

She Wolf Shakira

I have no idea what this song means but I like it. Shakira has a voice that is really different from other singers and it is really interesting and thats why I like it haha

Now these two songs are totally different from the first four but are absolutely amazing in their own ways and I totally love them too and I will tell you why.

You Belong With Me Taylor Swift

I love this song so much. Taylor Swift I think is the most talented young singer in hollywood. She actually has true talent and doesnt need to enhance her voice with technology and electronics. She came from nothing and is now EVERYTHING. She is americas sweetheart. From what I can tell she actually is a nice girl and not just putting on a show for tabloids. I have read nothing negative about her at all. This music video is amazing too. All of her songs actually tell a story and are deep and true and she even writes some of them. I love this music video too. I think all of her music videos are cute. She has a lot of good songs and a lot of good music videos this is just the one I am currently hooked on.

This last song can kinda go with the techno up at the top but it is kind of a different slow type of techno.

Fireflies Owl City

This is such a cute song. Once you listen to it you would be so surprised at how often you catch yourself singing it. This is kind of the song that really put Owl City on the charts but it is definitely not their only good song. All of their songs are kind of the same style and they are all beautifully written and are really good songs.

So there you have it. Some of Mildred's favorite songs of the day. You probably didnt care that I am in love with these songs but I hope I have shown you some new songs that you might enjoy as much as me and my friends do. On bad days when I am feling stressed out these songs bring a smile to my face so I hope they do for you too!


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