Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Indoor Marching Band Classic

The official final, end of the 2009 Marching Band Season. Usually I wouldnt look forward to something like this, its just a performance, we dont compete and its on a Monday night when all I want to do is go home and sleep! But what I do like about these performances is that we get to watch either the Iowa State or the Iowa marching bands play some of their songs for us. THis is really cool because the performance is complete with dance team members, cheerleaders, and a baton twirler! They are really good at both marching and playing and it just makes me want to be all that better. Considering that we had to condense our show about 10 yards and the floor was really slippery and there was no traction and the whole place echoed I would say we did really well for our last performance. Although not exactly the most exciting show or competition surely a good one to end the season with. So we hang up our uniforms for another year, clean up the shoes, store the plumes and count down the days until band camp! (Yes I did actually just say that. I know, Im a geek :) A Kennedy Marching Band Geek!!!!!!)


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