Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye Marching Band :(

So this weekend the Marching Band was supposed to go to Ankeny, but this little thing called germs came to attack our band. On average 20 people were sick each day from Wednesday through Friday. That is a lot in a band of 120. We looked and sounded much smaller let alone two people from the drumline were gone. This isnt good because most of the time the drumline keeps us together and keeps the tempo set. The whole week there was murmurs of what was going to happen over the weekend. Would people get better? Would we even be able to go to Ankeny? Then the news came to hit us. Ms. F told us that Dr. W was wondering if it was even worth it to travel to Ankeny on a bus filled with sick people when our band was 1/5 smaller. She told us to give her our opinions so she could tell Dr. W. So everybody I knew told her they wanted to go. They wanted to have their last band competition, they wanted to finish the season like we were supposed to. But in my sixth hour class I recieved the bad news that the band would not be traveling to Ankeny the next Saturday. I know that me and many of my friends were devastated by this news. Call us geeks but we live for these competitions. They are fun and we create so many good memories :) But it was canceled. We were all pretty mad about this but when Ms. F told us why she had canceled it we all understood no matter how much we didnt want to. My philosophy was at least we still had the football game that night. We went there and were all pretty pumped because it was senior night. We warmed up and you could tell, we wanted our last performance although it wasnt what we were anticipating we wanted it to be a good one. We went out there and played our hearts out. We came back and Ms. F told us that she knew we wanted to end on a high note. "I think you guys did end on a high note." She told us. And with tear filled eyes she revealed, "I have never been more proud to work with such a fine group of people." It was our last marching band performance (besides the indoor marching band classic). We all performed to the best of our ability, the best that we could and I think we did good. So another marching band season goes down in the books, another season of hard work, lots of long practices but great memories :) Cant wait for next year ;)


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