Friday, October 2, 2009

I love you, your perfect, now change.....I laughed until I cried

So I went to the musical tonight. It was entitled I love you your perfect now change. It was about relationships and it went through all the different phases of relationships from that awkward first date, to the proposal, to marriage day, to first baby, to growing old and dying together. The whole way it was set up was really interesting I thought too. It didnt have a specific plot with a beginning, middle, and end. Instead the actors and actresses actually played many different characters in the entire play and the whole play was broken up into small skits and songs. This musical was sooo good I dont even know where to begin so I will go through all of the highlights of it starting with the beginning of the entire show.

The first song was less than memorable considering I dont really remember much of it except for that it was a very catchy way to start off a show. I mean dont get me wrong it was alright but I wasnt expecting much from the musical stand point of the show from just hearing that opening song. All the actors and actresses looked really good though and filled with high energy. Then the first skit came on and it was funny yes. It had a couple who were set up on a blind date and instead of going through the messy details of first second third dates, their first argument and their overall relationship they skipped right to the part where they had been broken up for two years and bumped into each other "bittersweetly". I found the song at the end of that skit quite comical and the harmonizing on both parts was great! Not that I know much about music except that I know when it sounds good! And that duet by Aubrey and Nick was really good. I think the next skit, a Stud and a Babe was by far my favorite out of all of them. Liz and Josh did a duet and the music was really up beat and fun, I might even go and try to find it on itunes later...anyway I have never seen Liz act before. I have seen Josh in many many of Kennedys theatre productions and knew that he was very talented and we were in for a treat but when Liz started talking in that annoying nasally voice I burst out laughing. She was a hit! She was so hysterical with that "dweebish" type character, she played it perfectly without going over the top. The "Single Man drought" song was like it says in the title, a bit of a drought compared to the rest of the show. I mean the acting was all decent and the singing was alright I think it was the overall script that ruined this one for me. It just wasnt as entertaining or funny or emotional as the other skits in the show. It did however shed light on a new member of the theatre cast at Kennedy Katie. She just moved here and in my opinion way to make an entrance! Not only did she have a great voice but her many different characters, (all except for the single man drought) kept me quite entertained. Immediately following Single Man Drought was why cause Im a Guy. Um...........................................................................................I dont know where to start with this one. Lets just go with this, Keenan and James come out and start stripping till they are down to just a wife beater. It was hilarious. Singing about belching, burping and farting, watching football games...why? Cuz they are guys! Me and my friend were laughing so hard at the end of that. They didnt have like set choreography for that but they did some little dance things such as thrusting the hips back and forth in a provacotive motion and showing off their guns it was funny from start to finish. Nick is a very versatile actor, he can make me feel really sad on the verge of crying in some skits and then make me laugh really hard in other which he did both in this musical. Tear Jerk was funny and honest. It showed the real feelings of men and women when it comes to things like picking the movie. Obviously this was more over the top and this is the general emotion of both genders but when Nick started jumping up and down in his seat it was hysterical (I cant think of any more good describing words for funny so I will be using this word alot in this post). This was the first time we really got to see Briana act and sing as well and she has a beautiful voice. I think Mr. Yuska cast her perfectly in this skit, it showed how good a sound she can produce and the song fit perfectly with her range of voice and style. The Lasagna Incident was so good! Katelyn is such a good actress! When she acted all awkward and wierded out I felt uncomfortable myself and started fidgeting in my seat. She nailed that part 100% and like the way she would say lines would make an otherwise not so funny line really comical. When she sang I Will Be Loved Tonight she was so good too! Like she got your attention right away with the emotion she put into her singing and never lost your attention. I knew she was a great singer from chorus line but this solo out of all the girl, slow song solos was my favorite. She is a double threat, she can act well and she sings well. Then there were two other skits and then another of my faves, the Scared Straight skit. All I have to say Lars + prison character = best combination ever! He came out and started talking in a really wierd voice and me and my friend I went with just lost it. I seriously started laughing so hard during this skit that I cried I couldnt stop. Lars was so comical, he always is when he is given a crazy character to play. The next skit that pops out to me is the Whatever Happened to Babys Parents. With Aubrey, Lars and Tanner. This skit was filled with lots of high energy and crazy out there situtations. Once again Lars was hilarious when he played an overly excited new Dad. This was one of the first times Tanner was really on the stage too and his facial expressions really put the icing on the cake for this one. This is when you can tell truely good acting, when they can have very little lines or non at all and still make you laugh by there body language and facial expressions and Tanner definitely has that ability! Now the song that followed this skit was...well...honestly it was "one of the wierdest things I have seen in my whole life." to quote my friend Hailee after witnessing it. It consisted of Lars singing about his baby while singing in baby language. Googooboogaboo I believe was in there with Wiggawiggapoodlypoo and boomboom. It was overall really strange but Lars sounded good :) Haha I thought the Family that Drives together was so realistic! It was funny because it was painfully true! When the Mom in the car turned around and said "No fighting!" Me and my friend looked at each other and said "Thats what my mom always says!" haha. It was also nice to see James dressed in emo type outfit with outrageous eyeliner on and in the middle of the song he screamed, "We're growing up in a disfunctional family!!!!" Yeah all around hilarious. The next song Shouldnt I Be Less in Love With You. O-------------------------------------------------------------------M----------------------------------------------------------------------G. BEST SONG EVER! I seriously got chills and COULD NOT LOOK AWAY THE WHOLE TIME. Nick did such an amazing job, it was filled with so much emotion and energy and that sounds totally cheesy but that is the truth! I want to bottle this song up and take it with me wherever I go. Nick did a great job with dynamics and everything. It was just too good to even describe in words, go see it for yourself. Then the last two skits were good too. Funerals are for dating with Keenan and Briana wasnt a funny way to end the show but really kind of made you look back ont he rest of the show and think about the overall meaning. The end skit was about two old-- I mean elderly people who kind of hook up at a funeral home. Cause lately that is where they spend most of their time. The guy asks the woman on a date and they both agree they are still in love with their late spouses but while they are still living they might as well live. It was really cute and sweet and sentimental and put everthing into perspective. And finally the finale, the last song. The last song I liked cuz all of the people came out in my favorite characters that they were and as always had a really high energy final song. The actual song I thought could have been better but Mr. Y didnt write it himself so Im not holding that against him. Overall as you can tell I absolutely adored this show and encourage EVERYBODY TO GO AND SEE IT! Throughout the show it filled me with all different kinds of emotions, it was hilarious, yet very emotional and heart wrenching at times, it had its fast fun songs and its beautiful slow songs and everything and anything in between. This show had it all! I thought Little Shop was going to be a hard one to top but now Im thinking this will be the hardest! But I know Mr. Y will find a way :)


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