Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marchin' in the Rain, I'm Marcin' in the rain!

So this weekend for marching band we had the five seasons marching competition at Kingston. For this one we werent being judged but we were exhibition which meant we had judges critique us but we didnt get a trophy or anything. We also got to perform with the middle schoolers for the Olympic fanfare, America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner. We got up at ten to go to Kennedy and practice and let me tell you, it was a cold one. The skies were cloudy and gray and it was raining off and on, all in all not a great day for a outdoor band competition. That certainly didnt stop anyone from going out and giving it their all though! We went out played with the middle schoolers and performed and when we got back we werent given too great of comments from Mr. Bird. His overall issue, "You have to give me more than that." and "I know for a fact not all of you were giving it your 100% best." Which I feel is definitely true. Most of the attitudes of people were, it wasnt judged, its cold, its rainy we just want to get this over with and go home. Which I have to admit guiltily that was me. I was tired and it was raining and
I really just didnt want to be there. Usually I am in it one hundred percent no matter what type of show it is but that day I was just not in it. I think that is something we need to fix about our band. The morale. Lately I have heard nothing but complaining. Everybody says oh I want to be good! I want to beat Wash but then when the section leaders call for a sectional all we hear is "How long will this take?" "Why do we have to be here." "This is dumb." Fine then if that is the way you are going to act we dont need to have a sectional and we will just go and suck at the competitions because if you guys arent willing to put in the effort then there is no point in even going to the competitions. My advice, if you dont want to be in band, then dont be in band, cause we are better off without you. Plain and simple no matter how harsh it may sound.


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