Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today Ms. F informed us we were not aloud to sit in the band hallway to eat lunch anymore because it was getting littered and messy and people were just plain not taking care of it and abusing their priveleges. Now aside from the fact that I know me and many other kids would go out of their way to pick up trash in the hallway BECAUSE of the fact that we knew it was a privelege I was upset by this. This is where me and "my group" of friends would go to get away from the loud roaring noises and crowd of the lunch room. We started going there at the beginning of the year so we always had a spot there. Now because some people choose not to take care of what they have we had to get thrown into the mess and confusion of what is referred to as the lunch room. I wasnt too worried but once I got in line and got my food I stepped out of the line and felt like a scared little freshman again. I felt like a loser I think I stood there for 5 minutes just looking for a spot to sit! Finally I found my friends sitting at a table so I went to sit by them but there was no room left so I had to share a seat with my friend Hailee. Haha yeah we are cool we cant even find our own spots! What does this tell me? We get so used to routine and our set group of friends that when put in a situation we cant adjust to the different surroundings. We get so used to our cliques that we can adjust and morph in and out of different clique groups. Most of the kids that ate in the band hall were band kids. And Im not going to lie when we went into the cafeteria there was a table full of band kids. And which table did I want to gravitate towards? Yes the "Band Table". The stories they say about the cliques at school are pretty much true. We all have our defined groups we feel most comfortable in but I think there is one thing that isnt true. They say that these cliques dont let anyone in their groups but I think the real problem is ourselves. We dont venture out to different people. We like our nice little safe bubble of people. So I challenge you, tomorrow sit at a different table, sit with someone you normally wouldnt. Who knows what will happen?!? :D


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