Sunday, October 4, 2009

ITED week

So its ITED week next week. That dreaded week we all hate. I have to say ITED's really stress me out even when they arent tests that we study for. With all the pressure from Dr. W about how these tests are the ones that count our junior year and that its pretty much up to us if our school gets funding from the government next year its crazy! Im so concerned about going to bed early and eating a good breakfast on those mornings and everything but what I hate is the teachers that have the nerve to give us tests and bundles of homework on those weeks! Its like hello!? We dont really have the time to study can't you be a little bit human and give us a break for one week. I have not one but two tests to study for next week not to mention homework, clubs, and marching band practices. I think if they are putting so much pressure on us to do well on these tests and actually WANT us to do well on these tests then they should have a better policy about other class work. Cause right now I am not looking forward to next week at all and its not my fault if i get a worse score on my ITED's this year than last year because I am up late studying for a bio or french test and didnt get to bed early.


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