Sunday, March 21, 2010

Possibility Alliance

In less than three hours I will be heading to Missouri with my church. We will be going to the Possibility Alliance for the third year in a row and I am super duper excited!! If only I can get these blog posts finished before I leave!!! Ugh haha. The Possibility Alliance is an organization that is dedicated to reducing their impact on the earth by reducing their carbon footprint. Some ways they do this is by not using petroleum (plastic) they don't drive, they ride bikes everywhere, they don't have electricity or indor plumbing and they grow their own food and only eat organic foods. They also have some animals like goats, and chickens that they use for food. What we do when we go there is help them out wherever needed. We help them on their farm do little things and sometimes we go into the nearby town and help at local charities. Last year and the year before that we helped restore an old community theatre and the year before that we helped at a donation place kinda like a salvation army that was run by a lady called "Grandma" to everyone in the town. This year we are going to be staying there Sunday to Thursday. I am really excited because I am the only one that will have been there all three years :) I will write more about what we did this year on my blog when I get back :)


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