Saturday, April 17, 2010

State and All City Music Contest :)

Today I competed at State music contest at Prairie Highschool. This is a contest for highschool students to compete by preparing solos and ensemble pieces with their instruments and for state there are also vocal solos. A week before this was All City which is for any age. All City is a little easier judging wise than State is. I prepared a solo, and I was in two flute choirs, Mississippi Rag and Salsita. Salsita is an interesting piece because there is one section where we don't use tone at all we simply make a "Sh" noise into our flutes. It is different and has a very interesting sound to it. These two pieces are pretty difficult and at All City Mississippi Rag got a 2 and Salsita got a 1 and my solo got a 1. This week for state my solo got a 2 and I don't know what my two flute choirs got yet. Sometimes we will have larger ensembles like woodwind choirs which include the whole woodwind section. Kennedy usually does really good and I think we did really good this year too. This year All City was held at Jefferson and State was held at Prairie.


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