Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Owl City

Okay so this is an extremely random blog post just so you know :) I am working on my blogs right now and I am listening to my ipod and I was scrolling through my songs and I just clicked on Hello Seattle and I thought I would blog about how much I am in LOVE with Owl City. Owl City is a band obviously but they didn't really get popular until their hit song "Fireflies" came out on July 14 2009.

Now it wasn't a success overnight obviously it took some time to play on the radios and for people to listen to it and spread the word but eventually this song was more popular than Barack Obama on Inaugaration Day. Everybody I knew was listening to it. I remember my friend let me listen to her ipod and she was like listen to this song :) and I was like okay I like it. It isn't one of my favorites but I will listen to it again. And you see with me as I hear a song more and more I like it more and more. I can't listen to a song for the first time and be like oh yeah I like that song! I have to hear it a couple times and get the beat in my head before I can fully judge it. Let me tell you it was not hard with this song! I heard it all the time!!! And eventually people even started to get tired of it but not me. It has like a soft techno type of mood to it and it isn't like other songs that I have heard. I listened to more of Owl City songs and they all have the same type of sound to them so basically all of their songs are amazing and you should listen to them :) This just goes to show you how one song or one little thing can make you big in Hollywood. I had no idea who they were before Fireflies but now I love them!!! These are my other two favorite songs by them :)

Hello Seattle :)

Vanilla Twilight


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