Saturday, April 17, 2010


Last Saturday I took the ACT's for the third time this year. This time they were held at Kennedy and a bunch of people from Kennedy took them. Now I feel that the ACT can either go really great or really bad depending on the proctor. If you have a really good proctor who is good about putting the times up on the board and making sure they are ACCURATE and is good about making sure they hold their noise down to a minimum and they don't distract the test takers I feel like it can actually be a very positive experience. But I was hearing stories about ACT proctors that were messing up the times and typing really loudly on their computers and were just doing a horrible job overall. It may not seem like it but this can affect the examinees immensely. The door in the room was open for a little while because it was getting a little hot in the room and the examinees in the room across the hall were done with their tests and the proctor was giving them instructions on what to do and her voice was really loud and it carried really far away and just her talking and giving instructions was distracting me and I was getting really aggravated and eventually the proctor went and closed the door. It is little things like this that make all the difference. I'm not saying if you have a bad proctor you will get a bad score on your ACT, won't get into college, won't get a job and become a bum loser on the street....well I can't gurantee you won't, but I highly doubt you will :) haha but it really makes a difference in the type of proctor you get.


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