Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pastor Paul

At some point in a persons life they are asked a very important question, who is your role model? Thats a popular essay question, your teachers ask you, your parents ask you everyone wants to know who paves the way and leads you to who you want to become when you grow up! When I was young this was an easy question for me to answer my mommy and daddy. When I had to chose only one my mommy because she was a girl like me. But now as I have grown up and changed I realize how generic an answer that is I mean don't get me wrong I have seen all the hard work my parents have put in to raising me and teaching me right from wrong and I will always appreciate that. I look up to them and think about the wonderful sacrifice they put in to make me me everyday but there are other people who help shape you throughout your life too that don't get as much credit as your parents. For me I have only known him for about three or so years. My pastor, Paul Wilcox. When I was in confirmation my pastor at the time Clint told us that he was not going to be with us to finish out our two year program, he was leaving the church to fulfill his mission of working with the Matthew 25 hub where they provide clothes and food for homeless people or people who don't have enough money to buy their own things. I had never really had a close relationship with Clint. I mean I thought he was nice enough and he did a good job of teaching us but some things he did I didn't agree with and I just never really got too close to him. He was my pastor, I didn't interact with him or talk to him anymore than I had to which usually encompassed answering a question or two at confirmation on Sunday nights. I'm not going to lie it hurt me when he said he was leaving because I felt like he was just abandoning us. We didn't know who was going to come and fill his and Brians place and I was rather nervous. It didnt weigh on my mind too much though because like I said they were just my pastors, its not like they were my best friends. The next year Paul and Gale arrived at our church and changed my view on that for good. They were both fun and nice and seemed genuinely interested in me. I soon grew to like them very much. Paul especially because he was the one that finished up our confirmation and I didn't expect to grow so close to him as I did. It seemed like Paul was always there for me and willing to talk to me. Whenever I had questions about my faith or religion he was never judgmental or would tell me what to believe in he simply opened my mind to a whole new realm of possibilities. He is always getting me thinking about God and religion. He is funny too and he brought a new energy to church services that I think Lovely Lane really needed. His talks with me and his insightful answers to my questions and his genuine interest in my life and who I am has really changed me and inspired me to be a better person. I look up to him not only as a pastor who I see on Sundays only but as a best friend, a Grandpa who I can look up to and trust and talk to. It is going to be really hard for me to leave Lovely Lane and Paul but I guess when that time comes I will be able to look at him and say thank you for making me who I am today, I couldn't have done it without you. :) Who is your role model?


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