Sunday, January 10, 2010

The AP Debate

I think that AP classes can be good but bad also. I think they are good for students who need the added challenge but I think that lately they are used as a ploy by schools to get extra money grants, and to get on top school lists. I feel as though they are good and it is good that schools offer them but I find it bad when schools start pushing and pushing them and practically forcing their students into them because then the students that dont take them feel like slackers and jump into them when they are not ready and feel very unprepared and end up self destroying themselves. Students should only take ap classes when they have done all they can in that regular class and need an extra boost or challenge. They shouldnt feel pressured by the administration to take them simply to help the school. I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and stressed out and feel like you have no life besides your homework and I absolutely hate it. Im not blaming my work load on the faculty forcing ap classes on people but Im thinking that if they werent so stressed at Kennedy I probably wouldnt take as many. Honestly I wouldnt take possibly any ap classes if I didnt get some sort of recognition for them (in the form of college credit, awards at graduation etc.) Is this right? Is this how things should be? No but thats the way they are.

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