Monday, January 18, 2010

American Idol

When I was younger I used to watch American Idol all the time with my mom. I really liked it and thought it was a genuine good show that let people achieve their dreams. I think it shows real talent and lets people experience what they never thought they would experience and it gives people a chance to do what they never thought was possible. In some of the recent past seasons though I have come to find what I find in many many shows lately. Its all about the ratings and people watching. Lately the audition episodes are what get me. From what I know the episodes we see aired on television are about the second or third round of auditions that people go through. So it confused me when we see such good singers get through and then such opposite of that horendous singers get through too. I got to thinking how can some of these people get through two auditions to get here? Well its all because of the ratings. The producers of that show are more worried about getting viewers than sparing the feelings (or pride) for that matter of individuals who honestly and souly feel like they deserve to be there and they feel like they are actually good. I think it is horrible that the producers of this show just hype them up and make them feel like a chance then they throw them in the lions den (or the simons den) Haha did you get that little pun I put in there...get it because Simon is mean....haha oh man Im funny anyway they throw them in to the judges and the judges just rip them apart. Sure its comical and funny and yeah Im not going to lie it provides me with some entertainment for the day but in the long run it is probably damaging these peoples self esteem and they are never going to want to go after their dreams again. So boo to you American Idol bullies!!!! :p


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