Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Pregnancy Pact

Right now (at this very moment) I am watching a movie on television called the Pregnancy Pact. It is about this group of girls who all made a pact to get pregnant. How dumb does that sound?? I havent watched it all yet but so far it sounds like they all did this just to keep their boyfriends around so they wouldnt leave them and go off to college or move away or dump them. They are all excited to have a baby and cuddle it and play with it but they dont actually realize how hard it is to raise a child and how much it costs and how much work it is going to take. It raised the question of was it worth it to teach about abstinence or would it be easier to hand out birth control at a public school. Would that be sending the wrong message to students about engaging in sexual intercourse? I think that both methods would work well. Our schools teach about abstinence and I think that partly helps but some kids are going to have sex whether we say they should or not so I think that the schools should also pass out birth control too. Either way the decision made by these girls in this movie was a stupid one in my opinion. I think that when they grow up and actually experience life they are going to regret their decision. They say they love their boyfriends and are happy and dont want to go to college now but people grow up and change and they are going to grow up and change and have different likes and dislikes and they might not even love their boyfriends anymore. Either way this environment is not a healthy one for children (these girls babies) to grow up in. They dont have enough money to raise the babies and they certainly dont have the experience and it was kind of a selfish decision on their part to tell you the truth (in my opinion). Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. But it seems to be a popular topic in media these days. There is a very popular show on ABC family called the Secret Life of the American Teenager about teenagers, sex and one of them got pregnant and had a baby. Linn County has a lot of cases of teen pregnancies compared to other counties in Iowa so it isnt just something you can say oh, its not happening here so I dont have to worry about it. It is happening here and we need to do something about it.


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