Monday, January 18, 2010

As Nature Made Him; The Story of a Boy Raised as a Girl Part 1

I am currently reading a book about a boy who at birth had a terrible accident when he was getting circumsized and his penis was burned off. His parents decided to have him go through surgery and turn him into a girl. The scientist that advised them of this was convinced that it was nurture not nature that determined how a child acted or grew up. He believed that if this child was treated like a girl and given girly things that she would in fact grow up to become a well civilized acting girl. They soon found out this was not the case. "Brenda" as she was now called did not like frilly things. She didn't like playing with dolls or doing her hair. She was the all american tom boy and she was as rough and tough as any of the boys. In fact in wrestling matches she would usually beat her brother. As she grew older she was asked, if you could have a partner what would you want a girl or a boy? She answered girl. So her parents were asked if they would be upset having to raise a lesbian. Her father answered, "its not the most important thing in life". I havent finished reading the book but I do know in the end that "Brenda" ends up going back to her natural roots and changing back into a male. What does this say about biology versus nature? I believe it says that you cannot force someone to become different than what they were born as. You cant change someone simply by force and force them to feel feelings of something that they are not. I understand that "Brenda's" parents only thought they were doing the right thing and they didnt realize the phsycological effects that their actions would have on their child in the future. Even today "Brenda" has a hard time talking about her experiences growing up. So I believe the lesson is dont be ashamed of who you are and dont be afraid to be an individual!


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