Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pep Band

So you go to a basketball or football game. There are ten seconds left and our team is down by one. Everyone is pepped up and ready to win this thing but who is there to help? Not only the amazing cheer leaders but the pep band members! We are the ones on the side lines playing that music to help the fans get pepped up. We play a bunch of different songs and this year we got a couple new songs like Thriller, I Saw Her Standing There, and Zombie Nation. Pep band is usually a lot of fun except for when we have to wear those embarrassing jerseys :/ The music is really fun to play and its fun getting to hang out with your friends. I also like being able to see all of the basketball games and football games for free and we even get to travel to the State games and cheer our school on in a different way than everybody else!


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