Monday, January 25, 2010

The Technological Age

Today with our new age of technology we have taken food preparation to a whole new level. We now can print our food by putting ingredients in canisters and with the snap of a button you have a totally new unique food to suit your needs. You can customize your food to flavor, texture, and even nutritional value. While I agree this is a very cool new technology and it shows just how advanced science has gotten over the years it isnt really necessary. It shows just how lazy people are getting. You dont need to put all your favorite flavors into canisters and make a new food to suit you. Just go get the ingredients and make it yourself. People are too lazy to take initiative and make healthy food themselves. Food is a natural thing and it is not meant to be freeze dried, preserved or artificially made to produce new wierd foods through the 3D food printer. On this artical there was a link to some students from MIT that are working on a new invention. They are calling it the "Wear Ur World" and it is basically the internet literally at your finger tips. You wear a projector on your chest and can get any information about anything that you want. You can hold up a book and the projector will recognize what you are looking at and will tell you information about it. You can walk around a city hold up your hands in a square position and take a picture then you just have to find a wall to project them on to and you can edit them and draw on them all with just your fingers. The really creepy thing is you can walk up to someone and the projector will recognize who they are and display information about them on them. CREEPER ALERT!!!! While i also agree this is really cool and an awesome new invention it is extremely not necessary. It just shows even more how lazy people are getting. It showed the person projecting a cell phone keypad onto his hand and using his hand to dial a phone number. This is cool but is it really that hard to pull out your phone and dial it the "old fashioned" way. This product is still in its developmental stage so of course some of the things that they were using it for actually made it more complicated than easier for instance the dialing a number. It took a while for the projector to pick up that he pushed a button so it probably took him twice as long to type in a number. My philosophy is we should be inventing things and using technology to make things better not easier for people. (To a certain extent of course). We should not be going all technology crazy and inventing things that are going to cost producers millions and people millions to buy if they dont really need them.


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