Monday, January 18, 2010


I have a little sister named Erika. She is in 8th grade and goes to Franklin Middle School. She annoys me and makes me a mad A LOT! I mean a lot. We can never seem to get along and we are constantly fighting causing much distress to my mother. In any case I admire my sister a lot because she isnt afraid to be herself or express herself no matter what people tell her. She has a very unique style and no matter what my cousins may tell her she keeps that same style always. She tried out for her schools show choir this year and got in for the first time ever. She didnt try out before but when she put her mind to it and said she wanted to do something she did and she succeeded well. Now she is loving being part of Flapco :) She also has a care free attitude that I admire a lot too. She cares about the things that are important but doesnt let the little things like friend drama or a forgotten assignment get to her and she keeps going. She is an amazing person and I have enjoyed watching her grow up into a beautiful young woman and I know that she is going to become a wonderful person.


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