Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Days

The one week where we had three days off in a row I thought was ridiculous, fun but ridiculous. Why did we have that first tuesday off? Because the superintendant doesnt like giving early outs or two hour delays so he thought he would play it safe? That makes no sense, when we go snow day happy at the beginning of the year we waste days that we need in the busy snow season for instance I believe the reason we didnt have thursday off was because we felt guilty for having three days off only a month earlier. This is not the way snow days should be. Plain and simple, if the roads are bad and people cant drive well enough to get to school then call it! Its not really that hard to figure out. If the roads are good and they are saying there is going to be a lot of snow later in the day let school go and call an early out. If the roads are bad in the morning but it is supposed to get better as the day goes on call a two hour delay. Thats what they are all for!! I think instead of resting the decision of snow days on one person there should be a committee of people that decides if there should be a snow day that day or not. That way you would have multiple opinions and you could vote on it and majority rules. But thats just me.


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