Thursday, February 4, 2010

You're so skinny! Thank you?

The other day my dad was driving me to my flute lesson and he told me about an article that he read about the "You are too skinny" comment. He felt like sharing this with me because myself like my mother are both very thin structured. We have always been that way, I have yet to break one hundred pounds (but don't worry! I'm getting there!!). I have a multitude of medical problems mainly I have Cardiac induced asthma and Tachycardia Rythmia which makes my heart beat faster than normal and abnormally. On the list of problems with me eating disorder is NOT one of them! I used to hate it when in middle school people would call me Anorexic or Bulemic just to be funny. Guess what people joking about serious eating disorders like that is not funny at all. Some people are so worried about the way they look that they actually go to these extremes and do these atrocious things to themselves. That however is not the point, the fact that people take the time to demean other people just because they are thinner than you is not acceptable. My dad told me about this article and in it the author said that it isn't uncommon for people to say "Oh you're so skinny! You need to eat more!" When in reality you would'nt go up to an obese person and say, "Oh you're so fat! You need to eat less!" Do you see how those two are related? Yes they are exactly the same! It hurts just as much when someone calls you skinny as when someone calls you fat. Just because I am thin DOES NOT mean I don't eat. Heck I love food! I eat it all the time! It isn't my fault I have a high metabolism and it doesn't show up. You shouldn't comment on somebodys appearance unless it is something nice and worthwhile to say because you don't know what kind of life that person has or how their body works. There are two sides to obesity. So next time you feel the urge to tell someone to eat more, don't it is really annoying and just makes them want to smack you. Oh and use the term "thin" not "skinny" we aren't walking skeletons okay??? :P


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