Thursday, September 17, 2009

What does Kennedy mean to me?

"Homecoming top 7 assembly today" Mrs. Fleer yells at the top of her tower. We all give out a little woot woot because assemblies mean shorter class periods and a whole hour of nothing but sitting and doing nothing. Maybe the occasional text here and there. Anyway we get out early to go to the assembly and they did it a little differently this year as the candidates walked down the aisle instead of Mr. B. reading information about them a video went up on the screen and they talked about their experience at Kennedy as a slideshow of embarrassing baby pictures and highschool pictures scrolled across. I'm not going to lie, I thought it was totally cheesy at first and yes, I was one of the first to burst out laughing. As Max Martino recalled significant moments and life changing teachers he had, Haley talked about her most embarrassing freshman moments, blah blah blah we have all heard it before. Everyons highschool experience is the same. They are scared little freshman who eventually find friends and have a great time and by the time they are seniors they are HOMECOMING CANDIDATES YAY! Fairy tale ending. But as I sat there listening to this sentimental garbage I got to thinking, what DOES Kennedy mean to me? And so here it is.....

Everyone usually starts these things out as I remember walking through the doors my freshman year, being so scared and nervouse. But honestly I remember walking through the doors but I was scared senseless or worried about getting lost at all. I was excited! Finally I was a highschooler!!!! I had been to Kennedy a ton of times before so I knew my way around and I knew a few people because I had been to band camp the previous two weeks. So this was technically my third week of school. I was a nerdy little freshie though, this I cannot deny. You know those locker shelves? That everyone uses in Middle School but no one uses in highschool? Yeah I didnt get that memo. So I walk into the foyer new backpack and dorky neon purple locker shelf in hand with the highest of expectations. It was actually a very happy day for me because I was meeting up with all of my friends from Elementary school that I left when we made the split between Middle Schools. All in all that first freshman day wasnt that traumatizing for me. But when I come back for that five, ten, twenty five?, year reunion and they say what do you remember the most or what sticks out the most in your mind from highschool Im going to have to go with the crowd on this one and say the memories and friends that you make. You know its really important to chose the activities you want to participate in wisely. I can't speak for other extracurriculars but I have to say if it wasnt for band I wouldnt have made it through first trimester of freshman year. And I know you are asking well what does marching around a field have to do with getting around in school? And that isnt really what I mean, its the friends you make. The relationships you create. Marching band is like one giant family. Everywhere I went in the halls I saw a smiling bandie face willing to throw a smile my way or a wave. This helped me to feel accepted and more at home in such an unfamiliar place. One of my friends always talks about not doing anything over the weekends because they need to study. "I am not partying at all this year, I am studying because after this is real life and we can't goof around!"-Shabana (not the exact quote but you get the gist. While I half agree with this quote there is always that extra 50% I dont agree with. Dont get me wrong, I am a hard working student, I try my best and study and get mostly A's. I want to succeed in school as much as the next person but I feel you need a good balance between work and play. Yes, after these next two years we will be thrown into the real world to fend for ourselves and while I know this will be a tough transition do you want to look back on your highschool experience and only be able to say..."Well I sure studied a lot." I dont know about you but I dont. Thats why I will always remember those nights of cramming for ap tests but that great feeling of relief the next day during a marching band competition. I will always remember that fear of giving a speech in language arts class but that rush of adrenaline when you step on the stage to perform a play. I will not forget those long hot tennis practices but will always remember the birthday parties, the laughs and the inside jokes that will NEVER fade between me and my friends. Eventually we will graduate from school, that one test you failed will go away, the paper you forgot to turn in you will forget about, that audition you messed up that feeling of failure will eventually wear off, but the small moments of laughter with friends between classes, the late night phone calls and texting sessions, and the feeling of accomplishment after you have had a good show will never leave you no matter how old you get.

You'll forget about the tests you failed but you will never forget the friends you didn't study with ;)

Dedicated to all my friends :) Love you guys!



  1. awww mildred this is so good! it's totally awesome that you wrote something unique to your own experience here and Kennedy and I feel exactly the same way!

    Love you and your blog!:)

  2. Haha thanks :) Love you too! I totally used your test quote. I saw you put it on facebook one time :)

  3. aw that was sweet mildred! I totally agree with you and I'm soo excited for Minnesota this weekend with you:)

  4. Yay :) Okay I give you points for trying to come up with a sentimental saying to reply to this ;) haha Im excited for Minnesota too! and im glad you finally agree with me and CALMED DOWN :P