Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ready Set March!

So school has started. Girls swimming has started, cross country is in full gear, we have already won one football game and homecoming is...*gasp NEXT WEEK! WHAT?!? Kennedy is up and running again and all the activities are in full gear. One activity that kind of slips by the radar though is marching band. Yes marching band, loved by all except the soccer team...haha. Marching band actually started in August. With the dreaded BAND CAMP! A full week, Monday through Friday of 8am to 5pm marching in the hot sun, playing for hours on end with half an hour lunch break....if you havent figured it out by now its a pretty fun time. Anyway this year we are doing things a little differently. We are not marching the freshman, and we dont have a zero hour practice anymore. This makes our band smaller and decreases the number of rehearsals we have. Many people have been asking if we are going to pull it off. Mrs Fleers response..."Oh yeah, we're fine." I sure hope we are! We played at our first football game last friday. It got a thumbs up from the crowd and a thumbs sideways from the directors. Our marching was good but our sound needed a little push. It needed to be louder. As of now we have our first and second songs memorized and on the field. We hope to get number three marched and memorized by our first competition at Johnston on Saturday September 18th. Our Johnston show wont be scored but we will be judged and recieve critique. This is a good warm up for the coming season. If you would like to see the marching band for yourself and find out how amazing we are you can go to the next home football game and instead of going to buy a hotdog....stay for the half time show and watch us :) You wont regret it!


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