Sunday, September 27, 2009


So we go to Irondale. Its a five hour bus ride up to Minnesota. We performed then came back to watch the other bands perform. They were good. Really good. They were up to the Valley standards of good. So obviously we werent going to get first place. We were ready for this upset but when we heard our names come in for dead last I think I speak for everyone when I say a mood of utter dissapointment set in. I was very dissapointed. Then I was angry. Why did we even come? Was what I kept wondering. Then the morning after when everyone was cooled down and chilled a little it came to me. My flute lesson teacher told me that it was good that I was learning the music for all state even if I dont get it. It gets me prepared for harder music and the skills I learn while working on it will last forever. We may not have done well but we came and competed with some of the top bands not only in the midwest but in the NATION. Who else has the guts to do that? Not many people thats who. We actually had the guts to work our butts off for weeks and go up there and show them what we got! So we didnt get first place or second...or third and yeah you get the picture but just think how good we will be when it gets to Valley? The answer is really good. First place here we come! (Hopefully lol)


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