Sunday, September 20, 2009


So the homecoming football game was full of energy as usual. I get that. I was excited too. But it made me extremely mad when we went out on the field to play for halftime (when I say we I am referring to the marching band) and the Xavier and Kennedy student sections start having a "Let's see who can cheer the loudest and tick the band off the most" contest. To me that was just rude and tacky. Seriously? I know that at the beginning asking non of the students to talk so they can hear our meager beginning was a far fetched plea and I was pleased when I felt the roar of talking quiet down a little bit. I was very proud of the student section. Ever since we had that hate article published about us in the Torch last year I felt that the students of Kennedy were starting to redeem theirselves. Now they wouldnt let anyone leave the stands and they had to stay and watch the game. They would cheer for us as we came on the field and left the field, sometimes starting a MAR-CHING BAND, MAR-CHING BAND cheer. Im not gonna lie, it made me feel special :) But the saying goes, two steps forward one step back and that is exactly what happened at the homecoming game. We were doing pretty well and then we stopped to play our third song that we didnt have sets for. Then I hear a loud roar of cheers from behind us. Cool, they are nice they are cheering for us! Little naive voice of Carissa says inside her head. Then they cheer louder and louder to the point where I cant even hear the rest of the band playing and I almost get lost. I had to resist the urge to turn around and give them nasty gestures because I know if I did I would be in for it with Ms. F. Whatever that I could brush off but then I hear from a source that when we were marching off some kid has the nerve to fake punch one of the saxophones in the face complete with a "POW" sound effect followed by childish laughter. Yeah okay we are so mature. GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE. I'm honestly starting to think that you all were raised in barns. Why can't you just suck it up for 2o minutes and show us a little respect. Trust me we deserve it and have earned it! Enough is enough.


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