Thursday, September 3, 2009

All About Hailee

Well the most important thing you need to know about hailee is her obsession with Matt, Bryan, Steven and that other random drumline instructor. Just like me :) I have to admit they are pretty hot!!!! Anyway Hailee loves them so much ahah. She is in cross country and love marching band almost as much as I do!!!! She wanted to be amish in 5th grade with me and she loves to eat junk food. She freaks out a lot too. Hailee calm down!!!!!!!!!!



  1. hahahaha are you sure our teacher will let you write about hotness of guys and how cute they are...and buuy the way. byran is alllll mine!

  2. hahah silly kumquat you spelled buy wrong! hahahaha.

  3. He hasnt deleted it yet! So heres hoping! lol and I think you are mistaken, have you seen my name its Mildred REILLY and yours is I think he is mine :P