Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homecoming Week <3

So it's homecoming week next week. Let the crazyness insue. Homecoming week in highschool language means, wacky themed dress days, overboard of school spirit, even less attention payed in class than usual and a LOT of energy. The week starts out with lazy day. This means that if you are brave enough to put on some footy pajamas, style your hair in the messiest way possible and carry around a stuffed teddy bear to all your classes all day, you have school spirit! :D Now if you are like me you still like to participate but you tone it down a bit and put on your cougar sweatpants a t-shirt or sweatshirt and throw on some flip flops and call it good. Tuesday is my personal favorite, crayola day. This is when each class (freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors) all are assigned a color. The Juniors color this year is red. I'm not sure about the others. It gets especially fun when we have assemblies on this day (ex. Homecoming Royalty assembly) because you really get to see which class has the most spirit. Wednesday is usually different every year, this year it is animal print day. Now if your fashion sense is anything like mine, you dont have a single thing in your closet with any type of animal print on it. I'm really hoping someone will go all out and dress up in a gorilla costume for Wednesday. Just for fun haha. So I'm thinking I will skip that day. Thursday is jersey day. Self explained, the time old tradition of the football players giving their jerseys to the girls (usually their girlfriends or the girls they like) just another excuse for the girls who dont get to wear them to be called outcasts. The football players wear the home jerseys, the girls wear the away jerseys. Pretty stupid tradition in my opinion. All thats promoting is relationships and dating in school which they turn around and repremand us for when they see us "PDAing" in the hallways. Way to be hypocritical. This to me does not show any type of school spirit, its not like you can chose. Some people though wear other jerseys like last year my Biology teacher wore a soccer jersey, and some people wear professional football jerseys that you can buy in stores. Friday is the green and gold day. This is the one that people usually go all out on. Girls and guys alike show up decked out in pounds of green and gold mardi gras beads, neon yellow and green knee high socks, facepaint and even sometimes green and gold hair! Yes this is where there are no rules, its a free for all. These are usually the most hyped up days to because its the day of the game. Now these special "fun" days arent all homecoming has to offer. There is always a parade on wednesday night. Myself being in the band I have never actually seen a full parade with the floats and everything but I have seen the floats getting ready and stuff and it certainly is fun to watch. You have club organizations, committees, drama floats, football floats, dance team floats everything the student body can come up with and the best part is everyone is represented, there is no one team or organization that is left out that didnt want to be. Also on Friday's there is usally something special. This Friday is a half day, last year it was a half day and they had blow up boxing rings, rock walls and food so thats what I am expecting this year too. Homecoming week is a lot of fun but the thing I like about it the best is that it gives the school a reason to come together and unite as one. That night at the football game there are no jocks, nerds, preps, emos, cheerleaders, or populars or whatever stereotypical group you can think of. There are just cougars, and proud ones at that. GO COUGS!!!!


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