Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kennedy vs. Xavier Homecoming Game

So this game really excited me. It was homecoming, we had an early out and it was Friday! I was so ready to beat Xavier. Sure I heard some skeptics, well they beat us last year twice! Blah blah blah but I was putting on a more positive attitude towards it. I was ready for Kennedy to claim 42nd street! The game started off with a lot of action. Xavier got a touchdown, Kennedy got a touchdown, Kennedy missed a field goal, Xavier got another touchdown, Kennedy got another touchdown and at halftime we were ahead and winning! Then after halftime Royce Bell got injured and it all went downhill from there. Xavier got a touchdown, Xavier got another touchdown and eventually when there were two minutes left and it was 43 to 17, my optimistic attitude started to dwindle....and we lost. Oh well there is always next year right? Im still hoping the football team will do good and go to state! Go cougs!


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