Monday, May 3, 2010


You get the dress, you do your hair, you have your nails done and now you have to actually go to PROM!!! The "biggest night of your highschool life" now althought I dont quite buy into all of that I do agree that prom is a very fun experience that you get to look forward to as a senior (and a junior in some cases and in some schools). Prom consists of pictures, dinner, grand march, the actualy prom, and finally post prom. How did prom get to be such a big deal? The answer is I don't really know I wish I did. I love seeing all the dresses and all the different hair styles. It is fun to see all the girls styles come out in their ensemble for the night. Everyone is dressed up and gorgeous and what I like about it is even the quietes shyest girl can feel gorgeous for the night no matter who they are or who they hang out with. Of course there is a ton of gringing and bumping at prom and that is kind of awkward. It is hard for people who dont do that kind of stuff to fit into the dancing scene but there are spots on the outside that more conservative dancers can get away too. All in all prom is really fun and makes for a great end of the year memory.


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