Monday, May 3, 2010


So I have typed three blog posts and am only up to 700 words and I was just thinking about random stuff. What to write about what to write about. FRIENDS :D My friends mean the world to me so why not write about how much they do mean to me? Without friends where would we all be in life? Lonely awkward losers....( no offense to those lonely awkward losers out there ;) haha) but seriously my friends are the core of all my drama this year and the thing that holds me together too. I have learned so much about friendships this year in school I have learned that your true friends are going to be there no matter what, thick or thin through everything and those are the ones that you really need to hold on to. Those type of friends take a real milestone in your life to figure out who they are. This year at the beginning of the year I went through some really tough stuff that really opened my eyes to see who my true friends were and weren't. I used to think that everyone was always going to be there for me no matter what or not matter how mad people got but I now know that not everything in life turns out like you expect it to but God will put people by you that will help you through it. True friends are those that don't judge you, listen to you and not only hear what you are saying but listen to what you are saying. True friends are willing to forgive you no matter how badly you messed up and no matter how mad you get at them or what horrible things you say to them you know that they are always willing to forgive you and you will always forgive them because deep down you know who they are and they know who you are. I have a bunch of really great friends that I have made so many great memories with and I will never ever forget any of them. Sure we all have had our fights but deep down I know they are always there for me, guys come and go and so does drama but these are the people I am going to look back on and know that this is truly what life is all about :) LOVE YOU GUYS :)


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