Monday, May 3, 2010


So music of the week :) I thought I would go through the songs I am obsessing over this week or this like month or whatever. I really like Iyaz :) He is amazing!!! He had a song earlier in the week that everyone was obsessed with called Replay and now he has come out with a new song called Solo that I absolutely love :)


I also like Taylor Swifts new song called Today was a Fairytale. I alwasy love Taylor Swift no matter what she sings. She always has good quality music and I really wanted to go to her concert here at the US Cellular center but it was sold out in like October!!! Haha.

"Today Was a Fairytale"

I also really like Heart Breaker? I don't know if that is the name of it I am not sure who sings it I think it is Iyaz also haha it has a really good beat and it is fast and catchy just like all of his songs!!! Haha Okay scratch that I just figured out it is by Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris. I really like these pop type songs with fast techno beats. They are a lot of fun to dance to :) Even though this has a bad message...haha I'm only gonna break break your heart? Story of my!!! haha jk jk

"I'm Only Gonna Break Your Heart"

I also like the new song called Forever Young. It is a remake of an old song and it took me forever to realize why it sounded so familiar to me! Haha I really like remakes for old songs like the Cindy Lauper song Time After Time was remade recently so it was more techno and upbeat and it was amazing! I liked it. Here is the new song remade called Forever Young.

"Forever Young or Young Forever" whatever same thing :p

Well there you go! My random ramblings of the week :)


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