Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playtime Poppy

Wednesday-Show at one
Thursday-Show at 4:30 and 7
Friday-Show at 4:30 and 7
Saturday-Show at 2 and 4

This was what my week consisted of. Rehearsing and shows. Playtime Poppy is a childrens theatre that puts on shows every year for children. This year was A Year with Frog and Toad. It was based off of the childrens book A Year with Frog and Toad. It was a really fun play to do. The characters consisted of Frog of course and Toad. Also some other characters were the moles, lizard, turtles, birds, and the mice. I was the lizard. Childrens theatre is really fun because usually its not just one person has the lead and is the main character. The spotlight is shared throughout the whole play. I like doing childrens theatre shows because you really get to interact with the children and have audience participation which is really fun. Also at the end of every show the characters run out to the cafeteria to sign autographs on the childrens programs. The costumes are really amazing too. I think it is great because the costumes arent new they are reused from year to year and recycled. Which is good because we conserve money that way. Now that it is over its really sad because that has been our life for the past couple of weeks. I really enjoyed this cast too because I felt like we all got along really well and sincerely enjoyed working with each other. Im really excited to try out for next years show too!!! So goodbye to another year of playtime poppy now on to speech season :D


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