Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cops~Carissa Style

"It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive. ~Earl Warren"

Two Thursdays before Thanksgiving break I got the opportunity of a lifetime. You remember that leadership program I wrote a post about earlier? Well as a perk to this program all the students get the chance to go on a police ride for six hours. I chose that Thursday night because we didnt have school the next day so I didnt have to worry about homework or anything. When I got there my police officer ; Officer Doyle gave me a tour of the police station and control room and stuff like that. While he was talking to his co-workers he told him about one of his more interesting experiences on the job. He said him and his partner stopped a van and the guy in the van threw a sock filled with Meth and Marijuana at them. When he went in to arrest this man he found that he was paraplegic which means that he is paralyzed from his waist down. My cop had to pick him up and carry him into the jail. What a story! With a story like this I was really excited to start working with my police officer that night. I'm not going to lie when we first started out it was a bit of a let down. All we did was sit on the bridge and watch for speeders. Then we got a call of a guy that got his truck stolen so we had to go file that claim. I walked with him and listened when he talked to the guy. It was anything less than exciting. He just got a bunch of information fromt he guy and we went about our business. Then the night really started to pick up. We got a call about a hit and run so we went to see what that was all about. Turns out it was just a bitter feud between neighbors. We went up to knock on the door of the woman that was accused of hitting the mans car but she wouldnt answer. The police officer told the guy to report any other abuse from this woman but that there was nothing he could do. Then we went driving around and he made a quick U turn and pulled over a car without its license plates. He came back into the police car and said
"It smells like dope in there."
Okay Im not going to lie I was so excited! I could potentially get to see a drug bust up close and personal! So he called for some back up and they went in searched the guy and asked to search his car. He denied.
"That means that he is hiding something from us." Said Officer Doyle. Then I saw one of the other cops that he called for back up take the girl to his car and put her in the back seat. He then came and showed my cop a bag of none other than MARIJUANA! I have never smelled marijuana before but it stunk! Really bad! And it didnt just smell it made the whole car smell. The officer let me look at it and touch it. He said it was fresh because it was still on the vine and it was really compacted. We found out that she was carrying 8 ounzes of it. We took the woman into jail and I got to see the whole process of how they process people. I got to see a jail cell too and everything. Then we left to help out some other police officers with yet another drug bust!!! This time they found about 15 ounzes of meth. They showed me how they test it for meth they put a little bit of it in a bag and break these tubes and if it changes a certain color then it is meth. It did so they took her into the jail too. Our last stop of the night was from a guy that wasnt being let into his house. We talked to him and evidentally he had a surgery the next day at Saint Lukes. His wife/girlfriend/friend/I dont really know what she was was walking towards the house so we went to go talk to her. I could tell she had attitude right away. We were calmly talking to her and she started screaming this is my house! This is my house!!! The police officer told her to sit on the porch and not move but defiantly she walked into her appartment building slamming the door right in the officers face. I was just standing there outside with the guy that made the call in the first place so I was kind of freaked out so I walked into the appartment building and walked up the stairs until I found officer Doyle. He was trying to get the woman out of her appartment but she wouldnt open the door. So he called in reinforcements and after a while they decided they had to kick the door down! So two of the officers kicked her door down and took her to the jail for public intox and interference. It was so crazy!!!!!! After that night I realized that it would be cool to be a police officer! So now I am thinking about pursuing that as a career I guess we will see! But that was definitely a fun night that I will never forget!


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